100+ tasks you can outsource

According to a 2014 study, more than 53 million Americans freelance. This is great news for businesses (or busy professionals) everywhere. With access to millions of professionals via the web, hiring a virtual assistant and outsourcing tasks has never made more sense. There are also plenty of local freelancers looking for work as independent contractors for in person tasks. You can hire someone to do anything from running personal errands that you don’t have time for to creating detailed business reports. Check out this list of a possible hundred plus tasks you can delegate to a freelancer.

1. Scheduling appointments
2. Business travel booking, planning, and coordinating
3. Making business calls/answering the business phone line
4. Providing 24/7 chat support
5. Replying to emails
6. Data entry
7. Website creation and design
8. Moderating blog/website comments
9. Website maintenance
10. Logo, header, and banner design
11. Maintaining YouTube channel/upload videos
12. Video directing and production
13. Video splicing and editing
14. Blog publishing management
15. Researching for blog/website posts
16. Ghostwriting copy for blog/website content
17. Preparing presentations on Powerpoint
18. Managing spreadsheets
19. Bookkeeping tasks
20. Organizing payroll
21. Tax preparation
22. Financial statements
23. Managing and mailing client invoices
24. Financial analysis
25. Financial forecasting
26. Data interpretation
27. Transcription of audio files
28. Audio file editing
29. Podcast research/creation/editing
30. Sending thank you notes, ecards, event invitations
31. Updating client contact information
32. Newsletter design and formatting
33. Newsletter article research/writing
34. Newsletter editing and proofreading
35. Creating website content for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
36. Researching relevant keywords
37. Creating landing page copy
38. Writing press releases
39. Writing ad copy
40. Website editing
41. Proofreading website content
42. Email writing/proofreading
43. PDF management including PDF conversion, splitting, and merging
44. eBook ghostwriting
45. eBook formatting
46. eBook editing/proofreading
47. Grant writing
48. Proposal writing
49. General online research
50. Checking and responding to voicemails
51. Writing reports
52. Creating document templates
53. Graphic design
54. Photography for website/promotional materials
55. Illustration for website/promotional materials
56. Photoshop design/photo editing
57. Web security, maintenance, and troubleshooting
58. Website analysis and updating
59. Facebook page creation/maintenance
60. Pinterest page creation/maintenance
61. Twitter account creation/maintenance
62. LinkedIn account creation/maintenance
63. Instagram account creation/maintenance
64. Google+ account creation/maintenance
65. Responding quickly to social media posts
66. Creating relevant hashtags
67. Running social media contests, challenges, or giveaways
68. Social bookmarking
69. Project management including liaising between you and other team members
70. Prepare training materials for new staffers
71. Translation of audio/video/written material
72. Managing the calendar
73. Performing online banking tasks
74. Running personal errands (dry cleaning, shopping, etc.)
75. Running professional errands (post office, bank, etc.)
76. Recording minutes from meetings
77. Placing ads on career websites and reviewing resumes of applicants
78. Interviewing potential hires and speaking with references
79. Conducting background checks and credit checks on potential hires
80. Training new staff members or independent contractors
81. Event planning for social gatherings and business networking events
82. Regular competitor analysis
83. Business plan creation
84. Marketing strategy creation
85. Implementation of marketing strategy through promotions, advertising, etc.
86. Public relations tasks
87. Speech research/writing
88. Managing necessary tasks while you are on vacation
89. Troubleshooting customer issues
90. Taking care of refunds
91. Analyzing customer reviews/data
92. Sending customers notes on birthdays
93. Cooking balanced meals for you and your family
94. Caring for your pets
95. Doing your laundry
96. Purchasing gifts or supplies online
97. Setting up autoresponders using various programs
98. Fulfilling orders
99. Setting up and scheduling networking opportunities
100. Participating in online forums or discussion boards
101. Research the latest trends in your business

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